Pirate Brand Abrasive Blasting Equipment

Forecast Sales is the one and only Manufacturer & Wholesaler of Pirate Brand® Sandblasting Equipment and parts.  They develop and manufacture the extensive line of premium Pirate Brand® blasting equipment right here in the United States. In addition to the OEM replacement parts for Pirate Brand® equipment, they stock a vast collection of Pirate Brand® aftermarket parts that are 100% compatible with most of the major manufacturers in the abrasive blast industry.

Pirate Brand® Abrasive Blasting Equipment

Pirate Brand® manufacturers high-quality equipment and parts for not only their blasters, but for nearly all of the major brands. Convert your blaster or upgrade it with the Pirate Conversion Kits. See many of their products below and email us with your questions or request a quote!

Pirate Brand Blasting Pots

Abrasive Blasters

Whether you are in the market for a system with pneumatic/electric controls, or pressure-hold/release, we have the right size blasters to fit your production needs.

Pirate Brand Blasting After Cooler

After Cooler

Skid mounted systems, which include after cooler, moisture separator, coalescing filter, all on a powder coated skid. Various sizes available.

Pirate Brand Blasting Moisture Separator

Moisture Separator

Choose from different size moisture separators in either stationary or portable configurations, with many outlet options to choose from.

Pirate Brand Blasting Air Dryer

Air Dryer Systems

Deliquescent skid mounted air dryer systems, includes Polyarmor lined deli-vessel, after cooler, coalescing pre filter, air temperature gauge, and air motor oil discharge trap.

Pirate Brand Blasting Fast-Stop System

Safety Relief System

Fast-stop blast hose safety relief system for 12V DC bulk and small abrasive blasters.

Pirate Brand Blasting Hose Assemblies

Blast Hoses & Assemblies

Get a single hose or twin line made to your specified length with fittings or buy in bulk with a hose cutter to build your own hoses.

Pirate Brand Blasting Valves

Blaster Valves

If you're in need of a new plunger valve, metering valve, or combination valve for your blaster, Pirate Brand has what you're looking for!

Pirate Brand Blasting Nozzles

Abrasive Blast Nozzles

With many sizes and materials to choose from, including Ceramic, Tungsten Carbide, Boron Carbide, or Siaion, Pirate has the right nozzle to meet your dry or water blast needs.

Pirate Brand Blasting Typhoon Pipe Blaster

Pipe Blasting Solutions

Pirate Brand® offers internal pipe blasters to meet your blasting needs from 13/16" ID to 60" ID pipes.

Pirate Brand Blasting Clean Air Breathing

Clean Air Breathing

RPB has options for compressed air or battery powered clean air breathing solutions to meet your blast, painting, welding or any process with hazardous conditions.

Pirate Brand Blasting Safety Equipment

Safety Products

Pirate Brand® offers many types of safety products including gloves, suits, do-rags, head socks, and even knee pads to protect with style and comfort.

Pirate Brand Blasting Ergo-Gun Handle

Ergonomic Gun Handles

Whether the operator is right handed or left, Pirate has an Ergo-Gun polyurethane gun handle for pressure or siphon feed applications.

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