Spray Tech Junair Finishing Equipment

Automotive and Industrial Paint Spray Booths and Dust Collection

We understand that a high-quality paint booth is a cornerstone for your business, so we are committed to delivering you the best finishing systems with consistent peak performance for getting outstanding results. Keeping your business’ core interests in mind, we manufacture and offer some of the best paint booths for sale to varied industries at competitive rates. Our mission is to provide the latest, state-of-the-art refinishing equipment that contributes to your facility’s productivity and profitability.

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Whether you're in the Automotive, Woodworking, General Industrial, or Aerospace Industry, we can design and build the right solution to meet your paint finishing requirements! As a leader in Industrial and Automotive finishing systems, Spray Tech complies with all OSHA and NFPA standards as well as ETL listed booths.

Automotive Paint Booths

Choose between semi-downdraft, side-downdraft, or full-downdraft with the air make-up floor or booth mounted.

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Open-Faced Paint Booths

We can help you design your next open-face spray booth to meet your production needs, whether your operation is manual, conveyorized, or robotic.

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Spray Tech Bench Booths

Bench Style Paint Booths

Two sizes available for small batch applications, cerakote, labs and more.

Spray Tech Truck Style Paint Booths

Truck Paint Booths

Our state-of-the-art truck booths are made for large vehicles and equipment and built to ensure a superior fit and finish.

Spray Tech Paint Mixing Rooms

Paint Mixing Rooms

Paint mixing rooms provide a clean and safe ventilated work area for mixing and storing of your paint products.

Spray Tech SmartPrep Stations

SmartPrep Station

Prep stations provide an outstanding environment for refinishing parts, products or vehicle sub-assemblies within a small area.

Spray Tech Air Make-Up System

Air Make-Up Systems

Whether you're heating the space or pressurizing the booth, we can size your new air make-up system to fit any size booth.

Spray Tech Powder and Dust Collection Booths and Modules

Powder or Dust Collection

Industrial grade dust collection modules and booths available for both powder and dust collection operations.

Spray Tech Mercury LED Paint Booth Lighting

Mercury LED Booth Lighting

Energy-efficient LED booth lighting last 5 times longer, shines brighter and uses 35% less energy than traditional fluorescent bulbs.

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Each Spray Tech System is unique in design to fit your specific application requirements. We can help you design the proper system to meet your production needs. We offer installation to ensure success with your new system!