Schubox Catalytic IR Oven - Low Temperature Curing Schubox Catalytic IR Oven - Low Temperature Curing

Schubox® Catalytic Infrared Drying System

The Schubox® system is a catalytic infrared oven that works at low temperature – typically between 95°F and 104°F. This means that temperature sensitive substrates such as solid wood, veneers, plastics, composites, and other substrates do not have their structures affected. Traditional hot air systems require higher temperatures for longer periods and this will affect certain substrates with warping, twisting, delamination, reactivation of adhesives, structural weakness, and other issues. This does not happen with the gas catalytic heating process in the Schubox®. 

The polished stainless steel interior allows for the reflection of the infrared to cure all wet surfaces, whether they are fully assembled carcasses, boxes, jigs, panel racks, or other parts racking.  This oven can feed virtually any wet finish applied manually or automatically and can be loaded with wet & flashed-off product straight from the application zone.

VOC Destruction

The Schubox® uses a unique VOC destruction system, utilizing active catalytic filters to oxidize the volatiles.

Save Money

The Schubox® has a heating and curing system that can be up to 80% cheaper to run than its electric equivalent.

Delivery & Installation

Once your new Schubox® is ready to ship, it is only a few days transit and a 5-day installation.

Low Temp Curing

The Schubox® works at low temperatures - typically between 95° - 104°F. This helps to protect temperature sensitive coatings and substrates.

Reduced Drying Times

With the Schubox® Catalytic IR Oven, you will see reductions in your drying times and increases to your production.

Water & Solvent Approved

The Schubox® works with both Water and Solvent-Based materials to keep you moving forward no matter your requirements.

Panel Construction

Schubox Catalytic Infrared Oven - Polished Stainless Steel Interior
Schubox Catalytic Infrared Oven Double Doors or Bi-Fold Door Options

Two Sets of Double Doors

Schubox® - Catalytic Infrared Drying System

Schubox Catalytic Infrared Oven - Model View

Gas Catalytic Emitter

Recirculation Fan

Air Intake Filter

Front & Rear Double Doors

Control Panel Location

Bright Annealed Stainless Steel Interior

Quick Clip Ductwork

Twin Lighting for Interior

Ready For Your Schubox®?

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Catalytic IR Drying Technology

Schubox Catalytic Infrared Oven - IR Burner View
Schubox Catalytic Infrared Oven - IR Top View Dimensions


Let Us Help You Design Your System

With a few simple dimensions from you, we can design and layout your new finishing system to fit your space. We use AutoCAD to ensure your new layout is accurate and that your new equipment will fit properly. Once complete, we can provide you with drawings of any dimension you need to mark the equipment on your production floor.

Schubox Catalytic Infrared IR Oven - Design Your System Layout Schubox Catalytic Infrared IR Oven - Design Your System Layout


High Solids AC Lacquers (Wood and Plastic) - 10 Minutes

PU Pigmented Lacquers (Wood, Aerospace, and Plastic) - 20-30 Minutes

Water Based Coats (Wood, Metal, Plastic) - 5 Minutes

Waterborne Top Coats (Wood, Glass) - 15 Minutes

PreCat Lacquers (Wood) - 10 Minutes

PVA Water Glue (Membrane Pressing) - 10 Minutes

Wax-Free Polyesters (Solid Wood Veneers) - 3 Hours

We work with an experienced service team with trained technicians that have installed many Schubox Drying Rooms throughout the USA. The service team will go over the pre-install requirements with you to ensure everything is ready for the technicians before they arrive. Most installations require one week to complete.

The Schubox is effective at drying/curing many finishes, paint, and conversion varnish. Contact us if you have questions about the finishes you use in your shop.

The Schubox is very energy efficient and can be ran on Gas or Propane. Running on gas is the most common, and current Schubox owners estimate that they average an added cost of around $1.40 per hour (depending on climate) to their gas bill. Depending on your climate, the estimated average cost per hour on propane to run a Schubox is around $2.00 per hour.

The Catalytic IR Technology in the Schubox is totally flameless. It is an intrinsically safe process as no live flame is involved. The face temperature is below that of solvent or gas combustion, and all oxygen at the face of the catalyst is consumed by the process.