Goff’s Industrial Curtain Wall Systems

Improve productivity through flexible space separation with vinyl curtain walls.

Build your curtain system from the ground up and separate space exactly as your area requires. Industrial curtain walls eliminate the spread of dust, contaminants, overspray and more. Goff’s Original Curtain Walls are designed to make space separation easy, providing the changeable alternative to permanent construction.

Goff Curtain System HeaderGoff Curtain System Header

Material & Configuration

Choose between many different colors, configurations, sizes, and materials to meet to meet your production needs!

Goff Curtain Wall One Sided
Single Curtain

Use a single industrial curtain wall for instant lateral separation between spaces.

Goff Curtain System Two Sided
Two-Sided Curtain

Create an L-shaped with vinyl curtain to segment off a corner of your building.

Goff Curtain Wall Three Sided
Three-Sided Curtain

Add a three-sided industrial curtain wall configuration to one of your walls.

Goff Curtain Wall Four Sided
Four-Sided Curtain

Build an entirely standalone space using a four-sided industrial curtain wall design.

Goff Curtain Floor Sweep
Floor Sweep

6" replaceable vinyl piece to seal the gap between your curtain wall and your floor, perfect for uneven floors!

Goff Curtain Wind Ties
Wind Ties

Secure your curtain walls in cases where wind or negative pressure is present. Available in standard and heavy-duty styles.

Goff's Curtains Are Guaranteed To Last

Every Goff's Original Curtain Wall system comes with a 5-Year Warranty from failure in normal use due to defects in material & workmanship, and a lifetime warranty on all track, rollers, and hardware.

Hardware Options

Every Goff’s Industrial Curtain Wall comes with these hardware components, including a variety of track mounting options based on your application.

Goff Curtain Hardware
Curtain Hardware

Every Goff's Industrial Curtain Wall comes with these hardware components.

Goff Threaded Rod Support
Threaded Rod Support

Suspends track when there isn't any available structures to attach to.

Goff Beam Flange Support
Beam Flange Support

Clamp design used to secure track directly to the edge of a beam.

Goff Wall End Mount Support
Wall End Mount Support

Ability to mount your track directly to the wall or other vertical surfaces.

Goff Ceiling Support
Ceiling Support

Ability to mount your track directly to the ceiling or other horizontal surfaces.

Goff Floor Support
Floor Support

Flexibility to free-stand your curtain system anywhere you choose.