LV Technology - How It Works

The Iwata LV Split Nozzle Technology is one of a kind in the market.  The special design of the nozzle allows it to break up the paint at very low pressures and creates a more even film build throughout your spray pattern.  

1) Save Time with Less Rework - The split nozzle and LV Aircap work together to create a superfine atomization with evenly distributed droplets for a uniform flat finish requiring less polishing/sanding to speed up production.

2) Save Materials with Less Overspray - LV Technology creates a focused Tulip shaped spray patter that forces overspray onto the surface and out of the air.

3) Save Energy with Less Air Consumption - Spray guns with LV Technology spray at a low PSI for lower compressor cycle times and electrical savings.

LV Technology in action

LV vs Standard Nozzle

LV vs Standard

Material Build View

The Standard Nozzle on the left shows how you get a heavier pattern in the middle with lighter builds on the top and bottom VS the LV technology, which provides a more uniform build throughout the pattern!

LV Up Close

Inside Look

This shows the air passages and split nozzle to give you a closer look on how this technology works!
Iwata Guns

How They Work

This is an inside view of the LPH-400 Gravity-Feed spray gun for a technical view on how it all works. Blue areas are your 'Air' passages and Red areas are your 'Fluid' passages.