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Dürr EcoDose 2K Plural Component System

Dürr EcoDose - Dosing for one - two - or three component materials 

The Dürr EcoDose 2K unit is an electronic dosing system suitable for high and low pressure applications. It can be used in manual and automatic processes. Optimized for quick color changes and easy flushing, it enhances resource utilization and contributes to higher application efficiency. Fluids are measured consistently and precisely, even media with different viscosities. Typical fluids handled are 1K, 2K, or 3K materials, water and solvent-borne paints, varnishes, lacquers, polyurethanes and monolayer paints. 


EcoDose 2K Plural Component System

Whether you want a manual or automatic plural component system to help increase your production needs, we have the solution for you! The Dürr EcoDose can be designed to be as simple or complex as you need it to be, or you can control it with your PLC. Use it for up to two manual spray guns, flatline systems with automatic guns, or even robots with automatic or rotary atomizer EcoBell technology. Feed your production today with the EcoDose 2K!

Dürr EcoDose 2K

Simple Design

EcoDose Fluid Panel is a Clean and Easy Design to give your Operators full Confidence in Your System!
Durr EcoDose Fluid Panel
Dürr EcoDose 2K

We Can Install Your Complete System

Sprayfish can install your pumps, stainless lines, compressed air lines, stands, EcoDose 2K, and all accessories to give you peace of mind on your new purchase!
Durr Manual Fluid Regulator
Dürr EcoDose 2K

Pump PLC Controls

Add EcoPLC to your Pump Packages to monitor your pumps and shut them down in runaway situations!
Durr EcoPLC Pump Controls
Dürr EcoBell 2

Rotary Atomizer

The Dürr EcoBell 2 comes in multiple configurations and can be tested at the Dürr labs to give you confidence in your new rotary atomizer purchase!
Durr EcoBell 2 Rotary Atomizer
Dürr Systems

Authorized Distributor

As an Authorized Distributor Sprayfish will support the Dürr equipment we sell, we offer spare parts inventory programs for your system, and we can repair your equipment or provide guidance on proper repair technique so you can do it yourself!

EcoDose Component Options

Durr Gear Meter Option

Meter System

Choose between multiple Gear or Coriolis Meter options depending on your material or process controls.

Durr Color Changer Valves

Color Change Valves

Dürr Color Change Valves come in low or high-pressure and can be configured to meet your color requirement for base and catalyst materials.

Durr Fluid Regulator

Fluid Pressure Regulator

Whether you want the system to control your pressures or you manually control them, the Dürr fluid regulators can be configured in low or high-pressure.

Durr Gun Flush Box

Gun Flush Box

Dürr makes gun flush boxes for Manual, Automatic, and Rotary Bell guns to ensure a clean and efficient load/unload of your EcoDose system.

Durr VP2 Piston High-Pressure Paint Pump

Feed Pumps

From Airspray to Air-Assisted to Airless, we have all of the feed pump options to fit your specific paint material requirements to feed your EcoDose system.

Paint Applicator

Choose from a variety of options for paint spray guns, including manual guns, automatic guns, or rotary bells, in either low and high-pressure configurations.

MSGS-200 Page

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Each Dürr EcoDose Plural Component System is unique in design to fit your specific application requirements. We can help you design the proper system to meet your production needs. We offer installation and/or Dürr onsite technical assistance to ensure success with your new system!