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Dürr EcoPump2 VP High-Pressure Pump Series

The EcoPump2 VP Package is an air driven high-pressure pump system for medium and large amounts of paint. Various configurations make this equipments useable for many kinds of painting materials like stains, enamels, epoxy coatings, and more. The options for material feeding allow the use of original paint packages like cans or barrels of different sizes (from 5 gallon to 55 gallon) or to use a 6 liter hopper which is mounted to the supply pump itself. The package is compatible with manual or automatic airless and air assisted guns.

Customer Benefits

  • Five pump types available
  • Balanced pressure variations
  • Tip cleaning kit (optional part of air inlet)
  • Material supplying parts in stainless steel
  • Suitable for airless and air assisted applications
  • Modular design allows to make a configuration to customer specific needs
  • Wide range of accessories available
  • ATEX Ex II 2G Ex h IIB T6 Gb X

Looking For A Quote?

Contact us to review your system requirements and we can provide a quote for the right pump systems to meet your needs. We can design your new system to ensure it will fit within your space. Whether these pumps will feed a flatline, lineal sprayer, robot, or reciprocator, Dürr has the solutions for nearly every application.

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Dürr EcoPump2 VP Fluid Section Rebuild

Durr EcoPump2 VP Series Pump Fluid Section Parts Breakdown Durr EcoPump2 VP Series Pump Fluid Section Parts Breakdown
Fluid Section Spare Parts

EcoPump2 VP

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